Goldie Hoffman is a writer, comedian, actor and host hailing from the small towns of Brooklyn, New York and Montreal, Canada. An 'AmeriCanadian' with dual US-Canadian citizenship, she lives in Los Angeles with frequent trips to Vancouver, ping-ponging between the two, especially when she’d like real healthcare.



Born in Brooklyn, NY, she grew up there with a somewhat atypical childhood as one of 10 kids in an ultra-religie family (so, y'know, classic "middle-child syndome".). When her parents divorced, her mother moved the family to Montreal, in the French-speaking part of Canada (y’know, just to ensure we didn’t miss feeling like outsiders). There she continued on a promising life path, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from McGill University, double-majoring in History & International Studies with a minor in languages -- in fact, she's a proud nerdy 'linguaphile' who speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, some Yiddish (which doubles as semi-basic German), Arabic, and a tiny bit of Mandarin and enough basic phrases in others to impress people at a party. Upon graduation, she flirted with the idea of either broadcast journalism or human-rights law, and then applied to and was accepted into law school. However, she decided at the last second that life would be more fun being poor and unstable, so she enrolled in theatre school instead. The rest, is (not yet) history...

Goldie writes and performs both stand-up and sketch comedy at live shows as well as on the interwebs. She has a growing arsenal of hilarious comedy-characters and sketches, and she looks forward to creating and releasing many more comedy web-shorts & parodies.  Her plans for the upcoming year also include producing a comedic documentary as well as launching a live online show, because there are just too many podcasts out there to add to the list. She is also a writer and regular cast member of the comedy series, TMI Hollywood, shot live in front of a studio audience on the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theater in Hollywood. Credits include the Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Ha Ha Comedy Club, Flappers Comedy Club, Yuk Yuks, Comedy Mix, LogiCal LA Festival, Laugh Riot Grrl Festival, Tel Aviv Laugh-In and many more.

A trained professional actor, her work can be seen almost everywhere: from gracing the small and big screens of Hollywood, to those of independent cinema; and live from theatre stages to big and lil' comedy rooms. Favorite roles include Tisbe, one of Cinderella's evil-but-fun stepsisters on Once Upon A Time (ABC Television);  a forensic police tech in Lucifer (Fox Television), and on stage, Irish-American immigrant Noreen in the new original play Suffragette (Santa Monica Playhouse).

In addition, Goldie also works often as a host & emcee at numerous live events as well as on television. Extremely versatile, and a real social chameleon, Goldie has hosted segments of all genres, from the fun to the more serious -- such as covering live events, film festivals, fashion week, news events, interviewing celebrities and politicians, interviewing the public, and travel & sporty adventure. Hosting credits include RawArtists, The ANCA Awards, Vancouver Television, Viewpoint and Tourism BC.